What is vapor cigarette?

Vapor cigarette also called electronic cigarette is a battery-powered device, which is capable of stimulating tobacco smoking. First introduced by Herbert A. Gilbert in the year 1963, vapor cigarette has been under a lot of scrutiny and there were attempts to have it banned. Instead, this product has turn out to be more popular and extremely useful as a way to quit smoking. With these device, instead of smoke, vapor is inhaled hence the term vapor cigarette. Unlike the traditional smoke, e-cig does not have smoke instead they have water vapor thus can be used anywhere including within buildings and on planes.

How Vapor cigarettes work

howvaporcigsworkInside a vapor cigarette is a battery, a heating element and a cartridge, which is responsible for holding nicotine and other liquids and flavorings. Inside the cartridge is filler. An e-cigarette looks much like the traditional cigarette with the larger white portion being the battery while the other piece is the cartridge. In order for you to use a vapor cigarette, you put it into the mouth and inhale it through the mouthpiece, which is on the battery end of the cig. This inhalation triggers the battery to create a flow of nicotine vapor out of the cartridge. At the furthest end of the cigar, you will find a LED indicator, which lights up giving an impression of a lit cigarette. Each cartridge can last for as long as a pack and half of any other regular tobacco cigarettes. Eventually when they run out, you can unscrew the cartridge, throw it into the trash, and replace it with a fresh one.

Uses of vapor cigarettes

Vapor cigarettes were introduced with the intention of offering an alternative to those people who were addicted to smoking tobacco. Given the impression of the regular cigarettes, E-cigarettes have a huge difference in that they do not contain tobacco. E-cigarettes reviews around the world have made it clear that e-cigs are the safest smoking options. Consumers use vapor cigarettes to help them reduce their tobacco intake. Therefore, it helps one to quit smoking. Given the fact that you can reduce the amount of nicotine vapor in the cartridge, e-cig can help reduce nicotine cravings and eventually help you quit smoking. 

Benefits of vapor cigarettes

Vapor cigarettes come as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. They are suitable due to the health benefits they come with. With the alarming death tolls due to smoking tobacco, there was the need to replace tobacco smoking with a much healthier alternative. This was the advent of vapor cigarettes. The following are some of the benefits of using vapor cigarettes as compared to the traditional cigarettes.

Absence of smoke

Unlike the traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes do not produce smoke. Instead, they contain water vapor, which is odorless, and therefore allowing them to be used even on planes and in buildings. Tobacco smoke is a constituent of many chemicals and pollutants, which are likely to affect our health.

Cost effective

vaporcigaretteUnlike the traditional cigarettes, which you require to buy a new one once you finish with the current one, an e-cig can be reusable. A review from users show that they save up to 80% when they use vapor cigarettes.

No ashes and burns


Vapor cigarettes do not produce ashes or the butts. They are nonflammable hence there is no fire required. Inside the cigarette is a sensor, which activates the cigarette when it is puffed. Moreover, these devices are safe when put in the pocket or purse.

Used anywhere


The other privilege that vapor cigarettes enjoy is that they can be smoked anywhere including in areas that smoking is prohibited. Given the fact that when you smoke them, water vapor is produced instead of smoke, this makes them environmental friendly and safer for the third party. This has therefore reduced passive smoking, which has proved to be dangerous in the past.

Reduce habitual smoking

Normally, you are compelled to smoke the entire tobacco cigarette since it feels like wastage when you smoke a little and throw away the rest. This is just natural and it is the key cause to forming a smoking habit. While using a vapor cigarette, you can take two or three puffs and leave the rest for a later use. This eventually promotes the habit of less smoking and makes withdrawal quite easy.

Side effects

Critics have stated that there is more to vapor cigarettes than what meets the eye. Because they contain no tobacco, they are no subject to U.S. tobacco laws hence they can be purchased without the proof of age hence leading to nicotine addiction amongst young people.